About Conditions of Use

Conditions of use provide users with the knowledge of how a resource can be used on Al Masdar and protect them from infringing on any copyright laws. Some resources can be downloaded, changed and shared while others cannot. Nearly all resources on Al Masdar are “open-educational resources” meaning that they are freely accessible and openly licensed for use, adapting and sharing with others. However, some are not and it will be noted on an individual resource when it cannot be changed or freely shared with others (i.e. digital copy of a textbook).  

When adding a resource to Al Masdar it is important to note what type of condition of use it falls under. If the resource is a website, it will likely have the type of license noted in the footer of the website. If the resource is being downloaded from a secondary source or website (i.e. a lesson plan from a University), please check with that source for what the rights to that individual resource are. There are a number of different conditions of use so it can be confusing when uploading a resource. If you have any questions you can contact us at any time at help@teachalmasdar.com 

You may also find the below links useful in gaining a more specific understanding of the different types of licences and conditions of use:  

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